Create a Backyard Vineyard

With these hardy varieties and a simple support system, you can enjoy your own fresh grapes. Excellent selection for fresh eating, juices, or other forms of processing. In general, seedless grapes are not quite as winter hardy as seeded varieties, so it is helpful to plant them in an area protected from severe winter blasts.

Canadice - Mid August to mid September. A hardy, large clustered seedless grape that exhibits many good characteristics and outstanding quality. The easily maintained plants are fairly disease resistant. Zones 5-8

Concord - Late September. Blue. A well known standard for home use and juices. Vigorous and hardy vines. Fruit may be susceptible to black rot which may require spraying. Still the most popular juice variety.

Marquis - Late September. Large white seedless that rivals the Thomas seedless from California. Great flavor. From Geneva, New York. Similar to Himrod. Comes a little later and produces clusters up to 12 inches long. A must for grape lovers. Hardy to -20F. Zones 5-8

Reliance - Mid August. Red. The hardiest of the red seedless. Large clusters that are well filled. Fruit has a sweet delightful flavor. A dependable, productive variety. Good for fresh eating.. Certain years they may not develop a deep dark red color, but the flavor remains good. Zones 5-8

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