Backyard Berry Patches

Produce your own flavorful, healthful berries! We offer the best varieties for homeowners. For best success, support plants with stake or trellis.

Black Raspberries

Jewell - An early berry, firm, with good quality. Vigorous, erect canes. Consistently productive. Resistant to disease. Vigorous with large berries. Zones 5-8

Thornless Blackberries

Thornless Blackberries are tasty and healthy and easy to grow. Use a trellis for maximum yields.

Triple Crown - Named for its three crowning attributes: flavor, productivity, and vigor. Semi-erect, large, flavorful fruit. Excellent for home gardeners. Zones 6-12

Red Raspberries

Their unique flavor has made red raspberries a favorite.

Caroline - A newer very productive everbearer. Earlier and larger berries than Heritage. Good rich intense flavor and disease resistant. Zones 4-8