Located in the heart of Preston County, Modern Homestead is a collection of restored homes that include a coffee & gift shop, guest houses and seasonal greenhouses.

Summer Harvest Fest: Ben

 Ben Gilmer

Ben Gilmer

Ben Gilmer grew up in the mountains of southwestern Virginia where he passed his time messing around the farm with his brother and cousins and playing music with family. With a long family history in the region, Ben started out learning traditional bluegrass music the traditional way - Thursday nights at the local barbershop with the regular gathering of seasoned pickers.  Though Ben’s music has since has branched out into the Americana, roots-rock, and country genres, Ben's songwriting still reflects a strong sense of place deeply rooted in Central Appalachia. Playing solo and with various bands, Ben has entertained clubs, coffee houses, and concert venues on the east and west coasts for the past ten years, and is now based in Morgantown, WV.

Catch Ben's performance this Saturday at Modern Homestead Summer Harvest Festival.

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