This year we are offering you the opportunity to browse a large selection of fruits suitable for home growers, homesteaders and entrepreneurial farmers. Growing fruit is enjoyable and beneficial. It is relatively simple. You will not need to spend all your spare time gardening or tending trees to be successful. If you have enough land to justify owning a lawn mower, you can grow some kind of fruit! 

You don't need to understand all the technical details before you start. Begin with the basics: identify the best place to plant on your property, choose the appropriate fruits, amend the soil and, follow our planting guide. Get excited about the possibilities and start or add to your backyard orchard today!

You have the option to purchase bareroot dormant at an excellent value or potted fruit trees for planting later in the season.
The bareroot fruit trees range from 5 to 6 feet depending on the variety.

Important Dates:
March 1 - Order is Due
April 14 - Bareroot Fruit Trees Available  Pick-up (Weather Permitting)
April 28 - Potted Trees Available for Pick-Up (Weather Permitting)

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