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Book Dinner: Red Truck Bakery
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Book Dinner: Red Truck Bakery
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Learn to arrange flowers like a pro. Join us as we welcome Greg Campbell and Erick New of Memphis to our Book Event Dinner, September 23 at 4pm. Co-owners of Garden District, a beautifully curated floral retail space in historic Memphis, Tennessee.

Garden District co-owners Greg Campbell and Erick New have a partnership of boundless creativity with an anything-can-be-done attitude, and they have navigated the vibrant labyrinth of floriculture together for 25 years. 

As newcomers to the flower industry, Greg and Erick, both Memphis-born and -raised, worked for John Hoover Flowers in Midtown Memphis. John showed his protégés all angles of the flower trade. Following John Hoover’s death in 1995, Greg and Erick stayed with John Hoover Flowers in different capacities. Erick was in his early 20s and continued to work part-time while attending The University of Memphis. Greg, 10 years Erick’s senior, assumed partial ownership and updated the name to Garden District. Greg continued to reinvent and expand the business, and ultimately outgrew the Midtown space. In 2002, the floral boutique moved to its current home in East Memphis, a stylish retail space on Sanderlin Avenue. Soon after the move, Greg and Erick became co-owners—Garden District was in full bloom.

The florists operate in tandem as architect and engineer, exchanging roles as needed. Greg is the architect—a persistent, alert perfectionist—while Erick is the engineer—a methodical strategist always prepping for the next step. The hands-on nature of their brick-and-mortar business requires elevated energy. To recharge, Greg is a master chef and avid gardener. He and his life partner, Greg Baudoin, enjoy entertaining in their beautifully appointed Memphis residence and escaping to their second home, a peaceful cottage on Snow Lake in Mississippi. Erick’s sense of adventure and curiosity are fundamental to Garden District’s motto, “Make it happen.” The former Eagle Scout is a keen outdoorsman, devoted husband to Suzanne, and father to Garner and Gregory.

Be it a skyscraping installation or an unobtrusive centerpiece, they weave flowers and greenery into textural structures that bring people together for every imaginable occasion. In their competent hands, choice blooms become reassuring stewards of life’s grand milestones and simple pleasures.