Summer's Fruit— Start a Blueberry Patch

Once blueberries are established they are one of the easiest fruit bushes to grow and produce healthy fruit for many years. they may require extra care and effort by watering and mulching during the first seasons. Large three year bed-grown plants. Unlike other fruits, blueberry varieties are quite similar and do not have such distinct differences. Main variations are ripening date and fruit size.

Patriot - Early season. Flat, tight clustered fruit. Above average flavor. Medium vigor, more compact plant. Tolerates various soil types. Zones 3-7

Bluecrop - Mid season. Large size bright blue fruit. Good subacid flavor. Most widely planted variety. High yields. Vigorous four to six foot tall bush. Zones 4-7

Chandler - Late season. Super large berries. Excellent flavor. Very productive. Self fertile variety. Large spreading plant. Proper soil pH is critical for maximum growth.

Elliot - Medium size, very firm, light blue fruit. Sweet, zesty flavor. Recommended for a long extended season. Vigorous upright plants. Zones 4-8.